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Shooting Home Youth Awards 2016

Shooting Home Youth Awards 2016

Shooting Home Youth Awards
12 November to 2 December 2016
Presented by: Objectifs: Centre for Photography and Film

The Shooting Home Youth Awards is a platform for students aged 15 to 18 years-old to develop their photography skills and ambitions, with a chance at winning a solo show at Objectifs: Centre for Photography and Film.

Over a period of five weeks, 10 chosen participants will work on a personal photography project, with guidance from professional photographers. Themed around the idea of home, the programme encourages participants to draw inspiration from their surroundings and the issues most important to them.

Participants will get a chance to:
- Build a portfolio of photographic works
- Exhibit their works
- Network with professional photographers for internship opportunities

Formerly known an Junior Shooting Home, the programme is an off shoot of Objectifs’ Shooting Home mentorship programme, and has been running since 2011. Many of its participants have gone on to pursue photography in their studies and on a professional basis.

Submit your works by 30 September 2016! Applicants will need to submit a portfolio and a teacher’s nomination. For full application details, click here.


Submission Deadline: 30 September 2016, 12pm

Selection Results: 9 October 2016

Online Application Form: SHYA 2016 application form

Mentors: Kong Chong Yew, Lim Weixiang, Bernice Wong, Ng Hui Hsien

Dates: 7 sessions, all from 12pm to 5pm, all sessions will be held at Objectifs
#1: 12 Nov, Sat: 10am to 4pm
#2: 19 Nov, Sat, 12pm – 5pm
#3: 26 Nov, Sat, 12pm – 5pm
#4: 29 Nov, Tue, 12pm – 5pm
#5: 2 Dec, Fri, 12pm – 5pm

Shooting Home Youth Awards Faculty

Kong Chong Yew

Chong Yew is a recent graduate of NTU. His involvement in photography started as a change of interest away from astronomy, where he felt a need to capture the spectacular and the spectacle. With a traditional grounding in black and white photography, he believes in the power of an image and its ability to move an audience. Chong Yew is also a freelance photographer, and is available for commercial and editorial assignments.

Lim Weixiang

Weixiang was previously a General Paper teacher at local Junior College before going into photography. He now shoots editorial and commercial work independently and also writes for Mothership and FourFourTwo Magazine. In 2011 the local photo collective PLATFORM cited Lim as one of the ten fastest-rising photographers in Singapore. His work Our Coastline was published as part of the twentyfifteen series and was also exhibited at the Nooderlicht Photography Festival and Singapore International Photography Festival in 2014.

Bernice Wong

Bernice Wong is a documentary photographer and avid traveler with a keen interest in social issues. Her works casts light on under-reported segments of society through visual stories that depict the fortitude and fragility of the human condition. Her photographs on migrant and indigenous communities in South and Southeast Asia have gained numerous awards in international photo contests such as Prix de la Photographie, Freedom House, and The Other Hundred. Her work has been exhibited by Plan International’s BIAAG campaign in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and supported by the Singapore National Arts Council for public education purposes. Bernice was most recently in the 2015 Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase.

Ng Hui Hsien

Hui Hsien’s art practice primarily uses photography as a medium to explore narrative possibilities. She has participated in a couple of professional mentorship programmes such as Objectifs’ Shooting Home 2014 (Singapore) and 10th Angkor Photo Festival Workshop (Cambodia). She recently completed an artist residency in Iceland as well, and her work has been showcased in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Trained in sociology, Hui Hsien is also a freelance writer and researcher.

Hear from former participants

“Junior Shooting Home was a great platform during which I had mentors to guide me, and other people who shared the same interest to critique on my work. Art is not just about how well you draw or paint, it’s also about how well you convey your ideas to people. JSH is a great way to know and understand how others feel about my work and how I can improve it. The mentors are also encouraging and always pushing me further to pursue the story that I want to tell. After JSH, I would like to start working on photography series instead of single images. The programme has also helped me learn how to appreciate different styles of photography such as conceptual and editorial.”Lim Chien Her (Zhong Hua Secondary School)

“Junior Shooting Home has definitely helped me grow as a person, as well as hone my craft in photography. In terms of photography, the mentors in JSH guided me with a structure of how to develop my own body of work. In terms of my IB coursework, JSH has taught me how to look introspectively for inspiration and ideas. One important note that the mentors of JSH also indirectly taught me is that there are no wrong ways of expressing your thoughts visually; it is ultimately your intention of choices that matters.”Peh Yi Lin (Saint Joseph Institution International)

“I think that this programme is a wonderful platform to grow as a photographer, especially if one is inspired to have photography as a career. It has helped me to develop a thinking skill – that is to integrate and show a certain message into my photography. It also helped me to be more confident in presenting my works to the public.” - Syazwan bin Zainudin (Junyuan Secondary School)

“JSH was a fantastic experience for me. It helped me explore my inner feelings about my family, as well as made me very sure that I wouldn’t want to do anything else as a full time career. It made me realize how much photography means to me, so it was really an eye opener in that respect. I’m planning to major in photography in university, as I feel that this is my calling.”Donn Tan (Serangoon Junior College)

“JSH has changed my outlook. Before, my images were visually appealing but direct in approach and I had placed less importance on the meaning of my images. With JSH, developing a body of work also helped me grow as a photographer. JSH has opened up a new world of photography for me and my future plan in photography is to pursue it for a career.” - Tan Wei (Pei Hwa Secondary School)

“The programme was very intense and rigorous, which requires a lot of perseverance and determination. The programme focuses not on the medium itself, but also other skills and knowledge that would not be taught outside, such as the business aspect of photography, art appreciation and many more. It has helped me in my journey through photography, in helping me find my voice, allowing me to rediscover myself through the process. It also has made me consider photography as a career, and opened many doors through networking.”Allen Sng (River Valley High School)

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